How to Get A Muscular Body without Looking Like A Bodybuilder

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If you’re reading this then you are most like more interested in looking good in suits, and swimming trunks than you are in looking like a huge bodybuilder on a magazine cover.

You’re probably sick of trying to gain muscle mass then trying to lose weight to look good and still have muscle size and definition. You want something where you don’t have to obsess over your diet and you don’t want to have to do tons of heavy squats or deadlifts.

You want a training program that can help you get that hollywood look.

Training program to get lean

If you want to look like James Bond then you have to get a Daniel Craig style workout that puts the focus on looking good, being as strong as possible and not just “Gain xx pounds in 12 weeks”

One that will give you results like this…

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Visual Impact Muscle Building review

Rusty Moore created the training program responsible for the results you just witnessed. It’s called Visual Impact Muscle Building

In his program, Rusty talks about why people have a hard time building a lean, muscular body.

The basic problem is that most training programs only focus on getting you bigger without taking into account how your body will look once you actually get bigger…

Most workout routines to gain muscle talk about putting on size through doing Bench press, deadlifts and squats. (What Rusty calls the big 3 exercises)

What happens is you end up having a huge rear end and thick legs and a large chest. Great for winning some trophy at a bodybuilding contest but you will just look like your shorts shrunk in the wash when you go to the gym or the beach.

The problem is that most training routines only focus on a specific type of workout that makes your muscles look big and “fluffy”

Rusty explains the way this works much better on his site so you should definitely go see how he explains it
(Click here to see how Rusty explains it)

Training like a bodybuilder requires that you build a “pump” from your workout. This type of exercise strategy will make you beg quickly because your buscles are holding onto fluid. The result is that you build large looking muscles.

What you actually need is a program that will give you a workout that will build your actual muscles AND also give you a good pump in the areas that make the most sense.

What’s inside the Visual Impact Muscle Building program

Visual Impact Muscle Building Book CoverVisual Impact muscle building is a 72 page course that shows you how to build a muscular body that’s beach season ready all year round.

It’s a 3 phase program that you can use whether you have extensive workout equipment or if you only use body weight. They type of resistence doesn’t actually matter as much as the strategy of the volume, sets and reps you use to build muscle.

Plus, you can download the program and get started quickly which is always cool if you don’t like waiting on packages to come to your door like me.

My Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

 For the cost of one single visit to a qualified personal trainer, you can get the whole Visual Impact program plus it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, which is plenty of time to give it a test run. Check out Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building if are looking for a challenging  and different way to approach your body and your workout routines.

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